Fissile Peak: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

“Whose idea was this anyway?” It was September of 2008, and the question was Ted’s, as we traipsed up the old road to Singing Pass. The answer from Denis came quickly: “I believe this was your idea. You getting old or something?” I don’t remember the rest of the conversation, but I know it included some pretty good back and forth!

It was a lengthy approach, but I was still more than curious about our destination. Fissile Peak, part of the Overlord Group, boasted volcanic rock and fine views of the Overlord Glacier, with close proximity to Russet Lake. Even today, this part of Garibaldi Provincial Park is still relatively quiet. Once the snows recede and the skiers pack it in for the season, you’re unlikely to meet many other hikers on most days. The previous year, Ted had climbed Whirlwind Peak and Overlord Mountain, so he was keen to complete the trifecta by ascending Fissile.

Soon enough,  but not nearly soon enough, we were passing the old mine adit at trailside and Cowboy Ridge was within our sights. Just like that, we were out of the trees and following easy switchbacks to the broad plain above. Some of Garibaldi’s grander summits were already front and center, and the icefield of the Cheakamus Glacier shone brightly in the morning light.


4 thoughts on “Fissile Peak: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

  1. This looks amazing, but goodness, that is one long day. I am not convinced I’d have the energy to drive home after that!!

    “I’m not recommending this mountain to all my friends, and that’s basically because I’d like them to remain my friends!” made me smile!!

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