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Saving the North Shore’s Big Cedar, a Call to Action

At the dawn of the twentieth century, old growth forests in the North Shore Mountains were taken for granted. So many massive trees still stood tall and strong then that it was believed their supply was nearly inexhaustible. In today’s era, sadly, we know better. The few ancient specimens that persevere are invaluable to our heritage and ecology!  Continue reading Saving the North Shore’s Big Cedar, a Call to Action

The Hollyburn Giant

It stood in a clearing of its own creation, amid a forest that has somehow not seen the ravages of fire for over four thousand years. They called it the Hollyburn Giant, and though it’s merely a shadow of what it once was, this legendary tree had been estimated to be as old as 1400 years. Sometimes confused with the Hollyburn Fir, this yellow cedar grews on the opposite side of Hollyburn Mountain, and at a much higher elevation. It was one of the many wonders of British Columbia’s Cypress Provincial Park. Continue reading The Hollyburn Giant

Cheewhat to Carmanah, a Journey Back In Time

When I first found myself on the west coast of British Columbia after arriving from Quebec in the late 1970s, the very first thing that captivated me here in British Columbia were the towering conifers. The very scent of the forest was something completely unknown to me, and I can recall spending an inordinate amount of time gazing upward in admiration. It was that sense of awe that kindled my interest in trees, which remains strong even today. I have spent countless hours in search of the province’s remaining forest giants. Continue reading Cheewhat to Carmanah, a Journey Back In Time