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The Surprising Kinkade Creek Fir

If you’re an aspiring tree hunter, or if you’re just looking for something to explore, there are times that new discoveries have a way of staring you in the face. What I mean by that is that on your quest for other objectives, whether well known or obscure, you might just encounter something interesting along the way. That was the case yesterday, when I decided to investigate a sizeable Douglas Ffir that I had noticed a couple of years ago.

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Gemini Mountain, Welcome to The Island

It was October of 2018, and ithad taken us the better part of two years to complete our move to Vancouver Island. Several months later, I soon decided I wanted to climb a mountain here!

I had recently decided to join a local hiking group called the Island Mountain Ramblers, and while investigating the trips they had scheduled, I discovered one I had to join. Gemini Mountain, deep within the Nanaimo River Valley, seemed like an ideal destination!

Island Mountain Ramblers

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