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The Eagles of Delta

I had heard from  my father in law that there were plenty of eagles to be seen in the River Road area of Delta and the roads nearer the Vancouver Landfill, so today we set out to see if we could find any. We had made the trip out the previous year, but the camera I brought wasn’t quite up to the task of photographing the birds.  Continue reading The Eagles of Delta

In Search of the Eagles Nest Grove

It was May of 2004, and I found myself biking up the Eastside Road in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, a favourite destination of mine. Early last century, this valley was home to magnificent stands of old growth forest. Now, though much has been lost, the area’s timber is  protected for future generations to enjoy. That day, I was in search of the auspiciously named Eagles Nest Grove. Continue reading In Search of the Eagles Nest Grove