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Protecting Ancient Trees in British Columbia

Earlier this year, a concerned citizen happened to photograph a loaded logging truck on Vancouver Island’s Highway 19 near Nanaimo. On its sturdy deck was a sizeable log , somewhat less than three metres in diameter. The photo swiftly went viral, and that log ended up raising quite a furor in British Columbia, where many people are currently rallying to protect ancient forests. In actual fact, you might be surprised or even unaware that countless trees of similar size are routinely cut down here in this province.

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The Hollyburn Giant

It stood in a clearing of its own creation, amid a forest that has somehow not seen the ravages of fire for over four thousand years. They called it the Hollyburn Giant, and though it’s merely a shadow of what it once was, this legendary tree had been estimated to be as old as 1400 years. Sometimes confused with the Hollyburn Fir, this yellow cedar grews on the opposite side of Hollyburn Mountain, and at a much higher elevation. It was one of the many wonders of British Columbia’s Cypress Provincial Park. Continue reading The Hollyburn Giant

Gemini Mountain, Welcome to The Island

It was October of 2018, and ithad taken us the better part of two years to complete our move to Vancouver Island. Several months later, I soon decided I wanted to climb a mountain here!

I had recently decided to join a local hiking group called the Island Mountain Ramblers, and while investigating the trips they had scheduled, I discovered one I had to join. Gemini Mountain, deep within the Nanaimo River Valley, seemed like an ideal destination!

Island Mountain Ramblers

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Oft Forgotten Mountain Hemlock

Here in the Pacific Northwest, when talk turns to the preservation of old growth trees, generally what people are discussing are the giants of valley bottom ecosystems. Western red cedar, Douglas fir, and Sitka spruce are most frequently mentioned. Why is that? Continue reading Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Oft Forgotten Mountain Hemlock

Snow Falling From Cedars

Well it’s December here on the west coast and finally winter has arrived in earnest. There has been snowfall in the North Shore Mountains lately like we haven’t seen in years. Trouble is, everyone has been set on enjoying it at the same time, so it took a little planning Continue reading Snow Falling From Cedars